You have a diesel or a turbo-diesel?

The modern diesels must meet strict environmental demands and therefore have a system that the exhaust burned again.
This system is called the EGR.

You have probably seen that soot comes out of your exhaust. That's pretty normal for a diesel.
But can you imagine what happens inside your engine when the exhaust fumes from your engine be again hunted?
Exactly, your engine will be polluted inside, fuelconsumption will go up and your engine will fail in time.
That is nice for garages and the car industry but less fun for you!

Our Water / Methanol systems ensure that your engine is internally clean and stays that way!
The steam that is formed by the water has a cleansing effect and gives also lot of extra power.
A clean engine has less resistance and will consume less! The lower resistance will also keep your engine in shape so it lasts longer.
You can per year up to 400, - save on fuel alone, not even to think of the garage costs you'll save.

Feel free to inquire.

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