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FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Do I need to remap the ECU (engine management)?
If you change a lot (high flow with lots of water/methanol) the answer is yes.
Every car is adjusted within a certain range, this is why tuners have such an easy job :-)
If you have the opportunity to let a tuner look at the values after the installation of the system you do a good job.

Is this system without any risk?
The answer is: "Not one modification on a working engine is without a risk".
But if you follow the directions of the installation manual there is no change of damage to your engine.

But always be careful at what you do.
If you drill a hole in the manifold for example, beware that there is no residue left.

Also the amount of Methanol can damage your engine.
Just slowly increase the amount but start testing with pure water and later add methanol.
Just be wise!!