------------ Cool is Better 2010
FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Do I need to use Methanol?
No, just water is fine.
You only will miss the extra 'boost' of the Methanol.

Can I use water from the tap?
Yes, you can but water from the tap contains calcium and this van clog up the nozzle.
The opening in the nozzle is very, very small and clogs up real easy.
It is saver to use distilled water, we sell it in our shop.

On some forums you read that they use windshieldwiper fluid.
We are not that fond of it. There are a lot more 'ingredients' than just water and methanol in this type of fluid.
Take for example the blue or pink colour this stuff has, these are chemicals we don't want in our engine.
But of course you are free to try